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Here is some information from the Federal Government’s Form 14a Marriage Act 1961 that is designed to help couples considering marriage:

Before marriage: marriage education

Most people first learn about marriage by watching marriages of parents, relatives and friends. Television and magazines provide another view of marriage, not always a realistic one.

Because of these factors, you and your partner may have quite different life experiences and may hold very diflerent views on marriage.

Real life knowledge of marriage is available in programs run by trained marriage educators.

Courses can be practical, fun, and do not push a particular moral or religious view

Courses teach attitudes and skills which enrich family life and enhance successful marriage

If you are remarrying, courses are available to explore the added dimension and complexity brought to a marriage by children from a former marriage.

During marriage:family relationships counselling/family mediation

Well, we certainly won’t need counselling’, you say. But if you did need help how long would you wait before seeking it?

People generally wait too long. Often help is sought when the marriage is beyond saving. Counsellors will not tell you what to do. They help you to find the best way to resolve any difficulty together.

Mediators can help you resolve disputes before they escalate. A family mediator can help both parties come to a fair agreement when a dispute arises. Agreements readied in mediation are mutual agteements and seem to last longer than those decided by someone outside.

Organisations such as Relationships Australia, the Queensland Psychology Centre and the Family Relationshiip Centre will help you understand and strengthen your relationships.

Visit the Yellow Pages “Counselling Marriage, Family and Personal” for a list of available services

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