Other ceremonies

naming ceremonies in Brisbane

There are times in your life when you may feel the need to mark an occasion with ceremony. These are many, and not limited to the traditional;

  • naming ceremony in lieu of a religious christening or other ceremony
  • reaffirmation of vows between a married couple
  • coming of age ceremonies
  • milestone celebrations – anniversaries, achievements
  • commitment ceremonies
  • same sex commitment

Whatever type of ceremony you choose, I will help you make it memorable and dignified.

Namegiving Ceremonies

These are very popular, and I provide printed certificates of namegiving, with laser printed calligraphy, as well as certificates of appointment of mentors or godparents.

Funerals and Memorial Services

I have led the Anzac Day Dawn Service, Remembrance Day and Long Tan Day ceremonies on many occasions, as well as conducting funerals.

A civil memorial service can be a be a nice way of getting friends and family together to celebrate the life of a treasured person.

Same sex commitment ceremonies

When two people love each other and want to share their lives in a formal way, a commitment ceremony can be a special way of acknowledging each other. I have conducted several of these ceremonies.

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