Reading – Unknown title (When two people join)

placing the ring on her finger

Regina Hill

When two people join together and bond their lives forever because they are certain they have something special that will make their commitment last… this is the first act of faith.

Upon this act of faith these two people will build a life and as long as their determination stays with them this life will always be their hope, their dreams, their truth, their being, their inspiration, and their source of strength.

Through their life together, they will hurt and laugh.
Together they will feel all of life’s up and downs.
They will learn and grow through trial and error.
The lessons will show them the meaning of true love
And the difference between a love that lasts
And one that just gives up.

These two people will face each failure together and discover the strength to go on. They will encourage each other’s dreams and forgive each other’s faults.

Through a labour of love these two will become as one, fighting against the odds and ultimately creating a commitment that will grow into an infinite love.

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